Capture and connect information to your second brain.

A modern knowledge tool for capturing notes and highlights anywhere on the web.


The first step in personal knowledge management is capturing ideas outside of your head. This frees up your mind in the moment, and enables you to organize thoughts to create in the future. An ideal quick capture tool is frictionless and easy to adopt without disrupting your flow.

Eloquent is a tool developed for learners and knowledge workers to seamlessly capture information in-context and connect it to their knowledge bases.


Quick Capture, Anywhere

A universal keyboard shortcut instantly calls up the notepad to record notes, save a link, or capture an idea.

On-Page Highlighting

Seamlessly highlight text directly into your notes. No more copy-pasting and tabbing across windows.

Convenient snippets & Shortcuts

Use built-in /snippets to quickly extract page information like the url and title. Enjoy a keyboard-focused workflow optimized for productivity.

Modern Text Editing

Built to complement modern notetaking applications like Roam Research. Take notes using [[braces notation]], #tags, and nested bullets.

Join the beta

This software is under active development and being built with feedback from users. You're welcome to join in and contribute ideas.

Created by @jeremyqho

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